Resistol Silver Belly "Beaver 135" Hat from Nudies Rodeo Tailors

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Hollywood's most famous Western Designer and Tailor, Nudie sold this Silver Belly Beaver 135 to some lucky fellow. Size 7 3/8. Remember, Nudie is the first person to put Rhinestones on clothing and who consequently outfitted all the Western Stars in their HeyDay. Think Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Tex Williams, even Elvis Presley. . . . More recently, Glen Campbell, ZZ Top, and Cher wouldn't be caught without their Nudie Gear. You get my drift. Nudies Hollywood Retailers created and sold Western Rhinestone Fashion from 1950 until closing it's doors in 1990. Beautiful Hat then, and still. You can shape it your personal style and wear it to impress, or you can hang it on your wall to be part of your collection. Either way, you'll have a helluva' Hat.