Kimes Men’s Watson Jean

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“Watson is, for all intents and purposes, my attempt at the perfect western jean.  When I set out to make my first jean I not only put the attributes that I wanted, but I polled all of my closest friends who ranch, ride, train horses, and live in denim everyday.  The most important features asked for were as follows: Fit, Durability, Looks, Durability, Comfort, Durability, and Function. Here it is: A mid-rise, relaxed thigh for fit.  A USA Made, 3×1 Right hand twill, Ring Spun, 14oz denim for durability. Dark Indigo with hand sanded details and brown weft for looks. Silicone washed for comfort. Knife pocket and correct boot opening (means that you won’t step on your jeans without spurs on) for function.  I could go on forever about the toil, sweat, and details that went into this jean, but for brevity I’ll just say that this is the perfect western jean.” –Matt Kimes