Beyond The Summit by Todd Skinner

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I don't know where to start talking about this incredible book. . . . Todd Skinner has applied skills hard won climbing mountains to LIFE. It doesn't matter whether you've ever climbed, hiked, or left the house. This book will apply to you. Don't start reading this book on a busy afternoon - because you won't be able to put it down for the next 24 hours until you finish it! Todd grew up in the heart of the Bridger Wilderness on the western slope of the Wind River Mountains in Pinedale, Wyoming. Regarded as one of the most accomplished rock climbers of this generation, Todd was also a sought after business and motivational speaker by all the big corporations. Killed last year while climbing, his book lives on to guide us all. Don't miss this book - it's the perfect gift for young graduates. Hardback, 182pgs.